Mission Statement

Beeches Green Surgery is dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare to ensure the needs of the patient is met. Patients are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to be considerate and responsive to the needs of each patient and have a strong focus on customer service; treating each patient as an individual and being sensitive to their needs without any prejudice. Our ultimate aim is to be a practice where patients feel safe in the knowledge that they will be offered an effective primary care service.

Aims & Objectives

Our aims & objectives are:

  • We aim to promote dignity and respect the privacy and independence of our patients
  • To provide appropriate opportunities, encouragement and support to our patients and those who use our services in relation to promote their autonomy, independence and community involvement
  • We will ensure patients have the chance to make appropriate choices regarding their care, treatment and support.
  • We will respect a patient’s human rights and diversity and promote welfare. How we will do this would be regular meetings with various outside agencies, involving district nursing teams, health visitors, and midwife and school nurses.
  • We will discuss the most appropriate referral pathway amongst the clinicians to establish the best course of ongoing treatment.
  • There will be regular multi-disciplinary meetings to discuss child protection and vulnerable adults in practice. We also comply fully with the Gold Standards Framework for our palliative patients.
  • Ensure our staff receive appropriate training and there are systems in place to keep this up to date.

Our Values

Our values are:

  • Treating all patients fairly and without discrimination or prejudice.
  • Practising patient-centred care; ensuring the needs of the patient are met and their autonomy is respected in all decision making
  • Maintain a clean, safe, welcoming environment and to promote best practice and high quality clinical care.
  • Promote polite, considerate and open relationships at all times.
  • To be supportive and provide a multi-disciplinary based care to provide end of life palliative care
  • Supporting patients in self-management to improve and maintain good health
  • Promote shared decision making between patients, carers and clinicians.
  • To provide a wide range of services to meet our patient’s needs.
  • To act ethically and with honesty and integrity.
  • To recognise that sometimes we get things wrong and, when this happens, to act quickly to rectify problems learning from our mistakes.
  • Support all staff to stay up-to-date with learning and continued professional development.
  • To ensure that all staff share our core values, so that the team develop and promote team working.
  • To work collaboratively with allied professionals to ensure best practice.